Just like an old couple.

Like an old marriage.

It evolves.


At first I was driven by passion and excitement.

After more than 12 years, excitement almost disappears, and passion evolves into something more consistent.

Like in couples, you start seeing more defects, and more reality.

The allure of the early days disappears, and as it gets more and more familiar, you just feel a bit annoyed.


At first I thought it was negative, but as I analyzed it from another perspective I figured out that my relationship with fashion has become stronger.

And again, like with long-term marriages, even if many times they don’t stand each other,  simply can’t think your life without.


My love for fashion has evolved, specially in the last 3 years, into something bigger.

My love for the industry and what we create has evolved into a long-term trustful partnership.

I do not feel anymore like I need to be part of it. I feel that the industry “needs” me to be part of it.

Finally it is an equal relationship, where no-one gets more than the other.

And I must say that it finally feels so good that things are balanced.


I have a bigger vision now of why I am in it. A bigger mission of what I can create, and my values fit inside, I don’t have to compromise anymore into changing myself to fit in.

Now it is the opposite, fashion fits in my new lifestyle, as I set the boundaries and the rules.


I feel happy and grateful for this new way of living career and business and I hope you join me in this new vision I am creating to improve this industry that I chose to become my longest relationship.

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