I took this picture last summer when on a vacation in Puglia.


In that beautiful place, every afternoon the sun hit the angles and the walls of the buildings creating a magical effect of light and shadows.


One day I was staring at it, watching how the light expanded, little by little, clearing all the corners and the hidden angles where the shadows lied…


In that moment I thought: “this is what spirituality means to me…”.


Now that I fully embrace my purpose of bringing spirituality and its practice into the fashion industry, I get to be asked more and more what is spirituality for me and of course I always start with the obvious answer that the dictionary gives as I believe we need to start with the basis of the concept… but the more I move forward in this amazing path, the more I understand that I shouldn’t be afraid to say out loud what it means to me…


Spirituality for me is light.


Simple yet powerful as this.


Because same as light, spiritual practice connects you with the truth, it shows you what really lies under the shadows of yourself, it shows you the way and the road to the source of all creation.


It is a beautiful self discovery of all that is holy inside of you. And differently from religion, it shows you that the light is always inside of you and not outside of you.


The answer is inwards, always.


It brings understanding, awareness and mindfulness, as it lights your inner self.


Like a candle on a darkness night, it clears the fear so you won’t feel alone anymore.


Same as light, it can not be hold, it can be covered yes, but it will always be there when you will decide to uncover it.



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