I had the time recently to read some of the articles as well as the posts I have been sharing with you so far.


Now I understand why many of you are asking me if I am developing myself as a fashion coach.


Every time I receive a feedback from you saying this, it surprises me!


I think I didn’t have time to put myself a label. In fact the ones of you that know me, know that I avoid labels.


I’ve started writing, advicing, mentoring and sharing material with you all without developing any sort of marketing strategy.


My marketing strategy is simply saying things from the heart. That’s all.


All the material I’ve been sharing with you focuses on the business side of fashion yes, but also and most important on the human side of fashion. Because my friends, it is the important thing. And yes, there is also a human side in fashion.


It is hidden, it is small, but there is.


I suppose, without knowing it, just by following my instinct, I’ve been developing a different way to do business in the fashion industry.


With my clients, with my students as well as my personal branding.


I want to have a more holistic and human approach as I feel this is what is needed dramatically at present.


I always say to my clients that it takes a lot of creativity to do successful business.


Yes, creativity to explore and understand unconventional ways to arrive to people.


The formula is not anymore Business to Business but People to People.


I truly believe we have the opportunity and right to create the business formula that we think fit the time we are currently living.


From my side, my way to do business is by always focusing, as much as possible, to the human aspect of projects, having understanding that what we are creating is something that will be developed from people and used by people, and it does not matter if it is a collection, an event, a show or a product.


A human approach is the key and do things always from the heart not from fear.



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