September is a month full of trade shows and fashion events.

Some of these trade shows are focused on supplying raw materials and products for companies to do research and develop collections and production.

Of course this is the most obvious thing, but what is really important about attending these shows? And what is really useful, well …CONNECTIONS.

To my students in the fashion schools I always recommend to attend shows as Moda Unica, Premiere Vision, Linea Pelle etc etc but not just to do research of the materials you may need for the collections but most important to create an extended networking built of fashion connections that may include portfolio of suppliers but not only.

Now if you work in the design /buying and product  areas of a fashion company you NEED to have good relationships with the top suppliers that may be useful when creating the collections and projects. By having a great bound with them you will be able to have good prices, and good timing and what is more important TRUST.

But suppliers are not the only network you need to build. During trade shows you may meet potential clients and partner as designers, brands and companies.

So advice one: attend all shows as possible.  Advice two: bring many many and many business cards with you. Advice three, spend time in the show bistrot and cafeterias 🙂

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