What to do with those people you just “DON’T feel right”?

Simply avoid them.

Sometimes we meet people that we feel rejection towards.

And many times there is no logical explanation for it, no motivations at all.

But your body reacts to them, and you just feel strange if close to them.

Again, if so, avoid them…

From experience I know that is your intuition talking.

Your intuition knows best,  and if you feel like you don’t want to be around these people, even if there is no logic explanation for it, just put distance between.

You may not know the reason yet, but for sure there is one.

You will find maybe years after that they were manipulating you or situations , without you noticing it, or simply have negative thoughts towards you.

Some of us attract more greedy and envious people than others, some of us need to learn to protect ourselves more.

It is not an easy job to do. But it’s definitely necessary.

As human beings we are made of energy, and so we vibrate accordingly with the energy that surrounds us, so if there is no matching we will feel it and our energy will change.

This is the reason you simply feel sick around someone, even if there is no logic.

So my advice, from experience, is: trust your gut, your intuition, your energy and clear your space.

You will benefit from it, and others will as well.

Fashion industry has lots of people you rather feel comfortable with, the reason is that most of the people working in this industry develop negative emotions due to the dynamics of it: frustration, abuse, aggressiveness, manipulation and the list goes on and on…

If you think to work in this sector, learning to protect yourself is mandatory.

Start working on this.

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