I was thinking about this paradox lately…

Why do we need to crave in darkness before finding mental clarity?

You know what they say, when you touch the bottom…

I always thought it was a cliche’, but I’ve tested so many times in my life that I can now say it is true.

You need to get lost before you find yourself, before you develop awareness.

Sometimes we get so much mental fog, so much confusion, we meet people and situations that make us struggle and we tend to think that all is happening to us like if life has confabulated to us, with a secret plan to destroy what we believe in, what we know.

In part it is true.

But it is not life or any external factor to create all this.

It is you.

Remember, life happens FROM you, your thoughts create your reality.

So when you feel desperate, YOU are creating all that confusion and of course attracting to you people and situations that contribute to this.

And why? Because something has to change  in your life for sure.

You need to move forward and the only way is to reset and rebuild from scratch.

This is a universal law, everything needs to evolve.

So my conclusion is that getting lost, even if painful or hard to digest it is often necessary to have a better perspective of yourself.

It is a bit like when you go to swim in the lake, when you move the waters the sand below creates darkness and dirt, it actually brings up all what lies below, but you know also what happens when you step out  the water and wait.

It all becomes crystal clear again.

I have learnt to observe nature to better understand ourselves, things never happen by chance, fortuity does not exist.

Remember that.

Allow yourself to get lost sometimes, do not fight it, just observe the whole and let it flow.

And a new perspective of you will be born.

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