We believe a positive change in the fashion industry its possible by supporting fashion professionals to achieve balance and well-being.

60% of fashion professionals have experienced emotional or psychological stress due to industry pressure and unhealthy environments*.
(*ICAAD report 2018)

Our platform will give support to prevent these professionals to develop burn-out, with a holistic approach that combines  20 years of fashion expertise with spiritual and well-being methodology.

Our mission is to contribute to creating a more positive and sustainable fashion industry, with a special focus on healthier working environments, as our main focus is to support fashion professionals in every step of their career development to achieve “life/work” balance by doing so, creating a better fashion system,

Our Platform is a hybrid of Academy/Community and Media that delivers in a holistic and eclectic way, monthly resources to support our community of fashion professionals, the ones we call “Fashion light workers”.

We have created each section with free and on payment resources so to digest the topics and areas where our community struggles with the most and giving them solutions.

In addition to this, we believe in the power of “giving back” and the FLP platform supports different ONG and social initiatives that create a better world, we give the 10% of all our revenues to the organizations listed below, and we encourage you to give to them as well, not just through buying our products, but also through the direct links below.

We believe in the power of self-awareness and conscious community and the universal principle that “We are all one, and we are all connected”.

Thank you with love and gratitude for your support,

Farah Liz