Back in your mission.

Back in the road of your goals.

And resetting your priorities…

I am always amazed by how our ego plays us dirty…

Our mind tricks to take away the focus from us, from what is really important and from what we have to do.

Distractions are not external factors, they are part of what our fearful mind decides to see so to make us procrastinate.

I know you know what I am talking about, we all have been there isn’t it?

So how to deal with this? How to put yourself back in track?

Two things may help you:



  • Stop… and turn off the noise. If you do this you will be forced to listen to yourself and what is important for you will come back to the surface.
  • Position yourself in the top list of “everyday priorities”, and this will lead you to focus on your mission, vision and life goals. Remember that if you are in a position of abundance it will benefit others, it is not selfish, it is actually the best way to be generous with the world.

Distractions are part of the game, of the life game design to win the battle with your inner will and your true intentions.

Remember always to go back on track and press the “reset” button every now and then.

Just one small action a day may lead to amazing results…

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