Yesterday, by chance, I came to know something that shocked me.

It didn’t suprise me, as I’ve seen it so many times in the fashion industry, but it never stops to shock  me.

Someone told about some “personal critics” that apparently some people made to other’s work.

I am talking about creative people’s work.

I can not give more details, and it is not the case to do it, but I will be specific with some points, as I hope people that need to read this…. will, and never, ever, allow anyone to tear them down .

Now… in fashion, we will always be judged about our work, and this is ok.

Sometimes we will feel bad and depressed for this, as for us, creative thinkers, our work is part of who we are.

It is our job to create a “distance” between the work we produce and our feelings, and this is not always something we are able to do.

I know it from first hand. Been there and done that.

Saying this, unfortunately there are INSECURE and FRUSTRATED people that allow themselves to criticize others from the PERSONAL point of view by saying mean things that have nothing to do with the work but how others look, how they dress, the color of the skin, their sexual preferences etc etc.

These, my friends, are not constructive professional critics, this is racism. Simple as that.

I have seen this in all, professional and amateur environments, and this needs to stop, how? Do not give power to this arrogants.

The most simple way is by individuating  them and knowing the following:

_A person that behaves like this is an insecure person

_99 % of the time they DO not know how to do the job

_They have not experience in the real fashion world

_They are mostly frustrated people

and… most probably, they do not have a healthy sexual life!

The best way to deal with these situations is to smile at them.

And never ever allow this type of criticism to tear you down or make you believe you are not good enough, because you have a lot to offer and there is room for all of us in this industry, it is beautiful if there is variety .

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