I read once that there are 2 types of people in the world, givers and takers.

Of course depending on each situation we all may find ourselves in one or another category.

Saying this, for some of us, most of the time, we feel in the first type, specially if you enjoy helping others you often find yourself giving more value than what you have to.

But even if this may sound strange, giving much more is not necessary a good thing.

Why? Well, it may unbalance the relation between the parties, and this may lead to unpleasant situations specially when it comes to business.

As a result you find yourself receiving half of the value you give and this may lead to frustration.

Takers love to take as well as givers love to give.

But it is necessary to set boundaries, for a better understanding of both the parties.

I’ve been working in figuring out  my limits and setting boundaries specially during the last few years.

I used to say “yes” and “don’t worry” to many situations, with loved ones, friends, and clients, because I suppose I didn’t want to disappoint them or simply a part of me had an urge to give, and by doing so, I was putting myself in unpleasant situations and increasing demands from others.

I’ve finally learnt to balance this, and even if today, I still sometimes fall in the old habits, I’ve learnt that it is much healthier many times to say a “no” or to limit what you give with what is just needed, not just because it is beneficial to you, but also to others.

Setting boundaries, and setting your space and your limits, creates harmony in relationships.

As givers we may think ourselves as victims sometimes, specially when others take profit of our generosity, but in reality, the fault is ours by not putting the proper limits in first place.

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