And we all have one.

Often we try to hide it so to be aligned with the conventional requests of society.

In fashion, as well as  other creative sectors, people  think that eccentricity is normal to find.

But this is not totally true.

Also in fashion, people do not show their “REAL” eccentric side, but what is the status quo request as eccentric.

At the end, we are all afraid to be out of the mold, but it is by doing this, that we rediscover your zest for life.

Eccentric, by definition means deviating from the recognized or customary character, practice, etc.; irregular; erratic; peculiar; odd:”

So to do this, you have to have courage, as it takes lots of it to not follow others’ rules or dogmas.

And it is by doing this that as humans we are able to break boundaries.

In our fashion industry, designers that choose to be eccentric  were and are by default the ones that have created the system we are still using today, from couture to mass market.

It all starts with a vision and the intention of finding different paths.

But in the last years it seems that creative thinkers are afraid of being unconventional, being eccentric. Besides a few cases, the rest try too hard to follow “the sheeps” and no-one is choosing to be the shepherds.

We need more of that. More leading, more identity.

So have the courage to show your eccentric side, always and no matter what, it will pay back to you ten fold!

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