And your life will benefit from it… a lot!


We all know this, right? But then why we tend to complicate ourselves by carrying more weight than the one we can handle?


Right now in Italy, holidays are ending, and after a period of relax we all increase awareness and mental clarity.


It is so common therefore to question ourselves for the decisions, habits and emotions that are influencing our life at the moment.


Personally I have come to the conclusion that we overweight with unnecessary responsibilities that all they create is more stress in our lives.


We demand so much to ourselves.


We are here to be happy and to have an abundant life.


I really believe in this.


I think God, or whoever you believe in that creates us, wants us to be fulfilled with joy and happiness.


So why do we go against this? By adding stressful routines, carrying guilt and unnecessary responsibilities?


Still I don’t have a clear picture for that answer, I am still working on why I demand so much to myself.


My conclusion so far is that we need to simplify our lives, declutter from unnecessary people, responsibilities and situations.


A good way to start doing this is to say NO more often, another is to set boundaries.


Try it, you will benefit from it.

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