I recently had a conversation with 2 talented friends.

They have a beautiful project, they have skills, a vision , great ideas, but they struggle with something that is mandatory: standing out from the crowd.

Specially in fashion, you have to be “unconventional”. Old ways are not giving results anymore, and more often brands and designers are seeking for new solutions.

If we are creative  thinkers, then we know how to build ideas constantly.

We create by definition. But this is not enough. Together with this we MUST shout loud for our ideas and stand out.

So what we are so afraid of? To be seen? To be noticed? About what other people may say? Criticism?

I’ll tell you one thing: people will ALWAYS criticise you no matter what you will do. So let’s give them an excuse to criticise at least!

Critics are good, believe me, it’s  by critics that  you get to know your areas of improvment. And with years you will learn to filter critics into “constructive critics”.

So please, please, if you have something to say, do not  ever be afraid to stand out! Say what you have to say loud!  Show your ideas!

This is the only way to show who you are and how you see the world we are in.

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