How many of you came from the holidays with lots of new plans?


Changing health habits, work routines, people…


We all come fresh and renewed and with the deep intention of changing but after a few days…


Voilà! Back to the old habits…


I know, it sucks!


Stick to your plan!!!


This is my advice, and I am saying this to you because I am doing the same, I am forgetting all the clarity I gained during the holidays, my ego is making me fall again into the sweetness of what I already know and is comfortable for me even if I have clear that this does not fit me anymore.


Instead of applying the so needed changes, as days pass by, I am falling into the trap again…


So how to avoid this?




It is the key.


And how to refocus?


Follow your emotions, remember the excitement you felt when you said to yourself that coming back to work you were going to change this or that.


And as I said before, stick to your plan.


Plans are nothing without execution, if you do not take action it is not a plan, it is just an intention.

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