I want to share this thought with you today.


As some of you already know, I’ve been making changes in my business, passing from services to products.


The reasons that mainly push me to do this:


_Having more time for my personal life

_And having the possibility of helping as many people as possible


When your business is a One-to-One format, independently of the services or products you give, the limit is you. The limit is your time.


Simple as this.


There is a limit of clients you may have and by default a limit of income.


This limits your business growth and your vision.


After months and months of struggling with the passage of things, and the “what if’s” and fears of it, I finally came with the understanding of the whole problem.


The difficult thing is not to sell services instead of products or viceversa, the difficult thing is to change your mind-set for it.


To achieve the 2 reasons I mentioned before that push me to change my business format, I had to hit the online world. Yes, internet.


That amazing yet scary parallel world we have created and are so attached to.


I am an old school girl, I love to still do things the old way, so for me, passing from a face to face service, to a video, printable, book or podcast was a huge change.


What took me part (not all, of course) of the fear? The fact that I had to stop selling my time, and start selling my real services and products.


Yes my friends, because at the end, when you consult, and you mentor, and teach  and you do one-to-one, what you are selling is 40% your skills and all the rest is your time. And we all know that time has an invaluable price, as it is the only thing that goes away and we never have back.


Hope this words resonate with you and help you as well as they did with me.


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