And this does not mean to be selfish.

Often we all ask ourselves way more than what we can handle.

It is easy to believe that we can deal with everything.

And we push ourselves more and more, raising the bar, more and more until we collapse…

I am sure we all know this feeling.

I’ve been putting myself under pressure in this last period of my life.

Mentally, physically.

As a result, I found myself stressed, exhausted, sad and aggressive: becoming someone I am not.

It does not belong to me.

All this negative emotions are always a result when we push ourselves to the limit, and it is not ok.

At the end it is so simple to take care of ourselves, all we need to do is to put us in the first place and knowing our limits.

I decide to slow down and to give more space to my priorities instead of others’.

It takes just a few adjustments and mind-set and the results are ten-fold.

The formula is simple: when you feel good it will benefit others as well.

Taking care of yourself on a daily basis is crucial, we live one life, we have one body and we have one world to live in.

And all will benefit by a simple choice: taking care of yourself… always.

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