Research & Project Management 

Lucia Trentini

Image collector and deep researcher, whit a strong passion for Fashion Heritage, Art, and Psychology.

Graduated in Fashion Communication and after some collaboration with fashion archives, she decided to be in the heart of the FLP Platform, deeply believing in the value of the project: ethic, equality, and spirituality for a new fashion industry.

See her inspiration at @operazionemnemosine


Alexandre Joux

Alexandre is a Swiss French Video Director based in Milan working for fashion brands.
He is a daydreamer and can spend hours looking at birds, insects, animal documentaries, and has a great love for astronomy.
His love and fascination with nature and humankind makes him an eternal student in the journey of life, which he witnesses in his work.

On his website,  you can see more about his work


Ludovica Aka Clorophilla

Ludovica aka Clorophilla is born by the sea, in a small village in Liguria.

Her soul is wandering: she loves traveling to find inspirations, feeding her insatiable curiosity, and collecting emotions that then she translates into ideas and free creativity in her studio in front of the sea.

She works as a freelance illustrator collaborating with many brands; she also paints and embroiders, she produces animations, collages, and unique pieces of clothes.

She is the owner of the B&B “A Crueza”, a little nest of peace in a Saracen village, furnished by her creations and frequented by artists and creatives.

Visit her universe on the website