There is always a sort of anxious feeling when we think we need to take decisions in our life.


We feel the pressure of not fully knowing if it is going to be the right one or the wrong one. There is always a sort of fear to the unknown and often we tend to procrastinate, avoid them and giving the power to others to make those decisions for us which is wrong, very wrong.


By doing so we are giving our power away.


The problem with decision making is that often we do not give ourselves the proper time to take them. To reflect and analyze all the cause-effect of the decisions we are about to take.


We are so obsessed with the need to rush and decide things in a fast pace which is here where the problem starts.


By not giving yourself proper time to reflect on the decision, most likely it will lead to not positive results.


A week ago I found myself in the situation of making more than one important decision in my life. I felt the pressure, the need to rush and my urge of avoiding the problem. Like all of us. As we are human, we try to avoid pressure.


But at one point I realized something. The power of being able to take decisions. To have the freedom to decide my life at my terms. How powerful is that? Think about it for a moment. There are millions of people in different parts of the world that simply do not have the freedom to decide about their lives.


They either live in societies that oppress them or in social situations that do so.


Every time we need to make a choice in our life we have the power to do so.


This is called free will, and it is also written in the Bible!


So my advice today my friend is that when you feel the pressure and the need to decide, switch the mindset all the way around. And reflect for a moment, how lucky you are to have the free will, the freedom of choice and the right to make decisions to lead your life.


Breath, take your time and reflect before you make those choices.



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