Reflecting the other day about the new services I am providing after the book was launched, I came with the awareness of how different is to build an idea, product or service based on a trend, a purpose or a calling.

If you create something trend-based it may be strong and work fast business-wise but it will not last. So as entrepreneurs we are often aware about the importance of creating from purpose. We have always “the big reason why” prior that service or product we launched.

But I know my friends, that this is not enough.

Yes, it is not enough.

Don’t get me wrong, a purpose is a great thing, but it comes from a place of “have to”. When you focus on your big reason why, you know there is something you can solve, evolve or create with your business that will be beneficial for your clients.

And again, this is a great thing.

But today I am asking you to reflect on this: the calling.

If you are one of my readers then you are a spiritual person, and even one of my Fashion Light Workers!

So I know I can share this with you.

The difference between a purpose and a calling is that the first one comes from the head and the logic and sometimes also from the heart, the second one comes from the spirit.

The calling is a bigger thing. It is a fire you have inside that pushes you and helps you to move mountains.

The calling is given to you from the Universe, in the form of an idea, a product, or a service.

When you build your company based on the calling, then your business partner and your bank is the Universe, and the products and services you are building are good for you and your clients, yes, but also good for the world.

You’ve been asked to help the world evolve and grow and leave it a better place. And this is the greatest service or product you can build.

So today I am encouraging you to reflect on your calling, what is it?

We all have one my friend, go ahead and find yours… and if you want I am here to help you.

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