Since I started my consultancy business in 2009 I have seen hundreds of times projects based on the need of professional redemption.


Clients, companies, brands, all with the same need at the base, confirm their value as professionals by creating products or projects as a form of professional redemption for the fashion industry.


I know, I know, all this may sound strange, please allow me to explain it better.


Most of us, after years of being treated unrespectfully in the fashion system, when we arrive to the point of burn out and decide that maybe our path is to open a brand, a company or simply freelancing, what lies beneath is a desperate need of redemption, of showing “others” what we were not recognized during our years as employees in the fashion companies we were working in.


But this my friends is the wrong motivation.


If you decide to become a business owner or a consultant just to “SHOW” others you are capable, you most likely will fail doing so.


The motivation behind such a big decision must be the one of service.


Yes, exactly. Service to others.


The base of a good product or service is that it helps solve your clients problems. Simple as this.


So today I am talking to you, my fellow peer in the fashion industry, the one that probaly has been thinking in opening a brand or become a consultant, question yourself, from which place you are making this decision? From the ego driven one? Because you want to show the industry you are a good designer or professional? Do you need the industry approval? And if so why?


If you’ve been in this industry for years already, you do not have to prove anything to anyone my friend, you already made it.


Rather question yourself how your ideas, that will become products or services, may help your potential customer or clients to solve their needs, if you start a business from this perspective, then, it will become a success. Promise.


And if you need me, I am here to help you do it.



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