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  • As you already have experience and notice, my friends, 2020 is a powerful year…..

    To the ones that have done inner work and work into achieving balance in their lives, a huge flow of abundance will soon knock your door!

    if you are reading this, then you are one of those people….as you are part of what I call the community of “fashion light workers” people in the fashion industry that have the courage to question themselves, the industry and everything that is not working and out of balance.

    Because of the upcoming events, we develop this month Issue #04 around the concept of resting.

    When we start working on the content together with my beautiful FLP team, it came to my mind the  “little prince” book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and it was then when I realize that I should give space to rest and nourishment during this month.

    Often I encourage my Mentoring clients to take time off now and then to rest. Especially if you are a creative thinker, as you can not create with the head full of preoccupation, so please rest this month my friend, at least from the “self-development “ perspective.

    You will see how a flow of creativity and awareness fills you, and you will experience the receptive energy that is so powerful and part of the divine feminine, which by the way, we all have as we ALL have male and female energies in us.

    Resting, nurturing, allowing, expanding those are female archetypal energies and are crucial for the creation process to succeed! and I WANT you to succeed big time! 

    For this, we will dedicate this issue to not do anything and simply BE.

    Allow the work you have done so far to settle indie of you, allow the concepts to digest and become part of that NEW you because the process we start it is going to support you to reposition in your life and reclaim your power and light again.

    It is yours, it always has been yours, you just gave it away for a while, but now is back!

    Thank you always, 

    Farah Liz

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