Most think that Fashion Week is about the shows… well not exactly. At least not all of it.

Fashion Weeks are mainly for business appointments. Press and buying.

Us, what I call the “fashion workers”, use this week to set appointments, define projects, networking and research trends.

The shows and the parties are just about a 5% of it.

If lucky.

Shows are designed to create buzz, but what is important is what happens “behind the curtains”. Lots of appointments, lots of talking and even signing contracts.

The Fashion Week period is a great opportunity to meet insiders from all around the world.

Designers, buyers and editors come from different countries, this creates a great “melting pot” to meet people that would be hard to know in other circumstances.


This is for sure a very demanding period of the year, exhausting , as during almost a full week there is a tight agenda of  non-stop appointments since the morning until noon, between showroom presentations, trades shows, fashion shows and evening events, but it is also a very productive week as it sets the bases for the following year’s projects.

With age, the rhythm is hard to follow, but the good thing is that you have to pass through it just four times a year! 🙂

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