As I learned years ago, the universal principle that there are actually 2 main emotions from where all the rest comes from: Love & Fear, I understood how taking action or deciding either from one or another may cause a very different cause / effect in your life.


In this stage of my career I am facing a lot of decision making, changing old structures to create space for the new and exciting paths arising.


As much as I see all this as a blessing (remember ALL that happens in our life, even the most tragic events are always for our higher good!) I am struggling  with self-doubt like everyone else.


Love is expansive, this is the core of it, and all it can happen when you make decisions from love, from a loving state, is to expand abundance in your life.


Fear does the opposite, fear contracts, and squeezes, and suffocates.


Now when it comes to big decisions, fear plays an important role, why? Because fear is designed inside of us to protect us, it is a primordial defense mechanism that in some cases is useful, for instance it avoids you to put yourself into a risky situation.


But when we talk about career shifts for example, most of the time, fear will only harm us, so it  is the state of love and fluidity what we need to allow in order to make sure we are making the right decision.


Let me explain you this better with a personal example, same as I’ve been doing in all of my articles I share my experiences to help you understand better these concepts and avoid to make my mistakes 🙂


For instance, after the success my book is having now I am facing a big decision. I need to sign partnerships to be able to deliver the book in all those countries where people are requesting it but with my actual distribution I am not able to deliver to.


So the obvious decision would be to sign with a big publisher that has a good distribution channel.


This will be the easiest way, but there is a problem. Every publisher wants to review the book and in most cases make it a more “commercial one“ which will damage the core and value of it and the message that is the success of the same…


So fear tells me to go to the publisher decision because by doing so it will take away so much work from my shoulders and will simplify things for me.


Making this decision would come from fear, the fear of not wanting to handle the unknown of the book distribution.


But the book was done and written  from love, and it is an unconventional message, and so I am aware every channel and path for this book will always be unconventional as we are pioneers and opening new doors in this fashion industry that are so needed…


If I choose love as the main motivator in my decision regarding the distribution of the book, I would look to partner with many smaller publishers around the world that understand the message and maybe, why not, create my own publishing house so to give in the future the possibility to more people like me to share unconventional messages to the world…


At first, this will be more difficult, more work more struggles but as it will come from love, from the only need to help and support the fashion industry in an honest way with this message, then there is just one outcome possible: expansion.


Today my friends, I want to share this “unconventional” post with you, which is a bit a spiritual tip and also a question to you, how do you suggest I should proceed?


I would love to have your feedback and your answers, as you are an important part of this adventure I decided to undertake a year ago.


Sending you love and light,




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