Yes, that’s right.


This one is also hard for me.


I started working when I was 16.


At first the typical student summer jobs to earn money for going out and the holidays.


While years passed, as per everyone of us, the jobs got more important, so the need of money to pay bills as well as learning how much to ask or accept as a salary.


And here I will stop for a minute.


Please read again what I just said: “how much to ask or accept as a salary”.




Here my friends, you are putting a value to yourselves.


You will ask or accept depending on the value you think you have to offer.


Which in simple words means: I value myself lots = lots of money, if I value myself less = ……you know the answer.


So to earn money you need to first have a great understanding of your “objective” value, what you can do, give or offer.


The problem is that we rather spend time questioning this to ourselves right?


And so often we NEED the money or the job and we compromise, we accept less than we deserve.


Do not get me wrong please, as I mentioned you need to be objective with yourself and be honest with what you are putting in the table in your offer. But if you have by default a lack of confidence or you think you are a “not enough person” this will reflect for sure in your bank account.


I am a business owner. I sell services and recently products.


And my company started to increase economically JUST the moment I realized the amount of value I was giving to my clients.


When I did this, I started to quote and rate my services and products accordingly, and most important  by doing this, my clients got a deep understanding to the value they where getting back, the quality of the support I was giving to them.


Still today, when I make a decision  I have to stop and evaluate the whole situation, as my business is my passion, I tend to overgive, and this may produce unbalanced relationships with clients. When this happens, I got back to the awareness of my value, and re-balance the whole.


I hope this personal experience may help you.


Please remember that we ALL have a lot to offer, and out there is a company or client that is searching exactly for what you have to offer, and will pay what you honestly ask without questioning.

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