Beauty is important… it’s not everything, but it is important.

When I say beauty, I am not talking about what “society” defines as beautiful.

We all have our own perception of beauty of course, some things are clearly beautiful  to all of us. Some don’t…

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” they say. And I agree.

Whichever the case is. We need beauty. We need to surround ourselves as much as possible with it. Because the world needs more beauty.

Why? Well, it is proven that when we are in enviroments that are beautiful, we feel better.

We vibrate higher.


Have you ever noticed how you feel in the Cappella Sistina? Or in front of  Il Davide di Michelangelo? How do you feel when you live in a house dirty and not in order?

As creative thinkers, one of the most important duties we have is to create beauty. In any form we feel comfortable to.

In fashion we create beauty with products, shows and trends.

Our goal should be to make people “feel beautiful and confident”. But we often forget this, we often forget our “service” to society.

What is happening? When we got lost? Season after season we see more grotesque and

ugliness… it seems that designers, brands are more focused to “shock” and to be ”transgressive” rather than to create beauty.

But let’s be honest, we still react with fascination when we see a beautiful show or collection, where women and men look at their best, in beautiful harmony.

Call me naif, this is just my opinion of course, but I truly believe that in life and in the sector we work, we need to always and no matter what, pursue beauty in everything we create and in all we do.

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