Yep! As simple as that…

I read yesterday a quote from Brad Yates, an incredible life coach “you are a unique gift to the world, because there is no one else like you”.

And this made me think that in a period of time where identity is so crucial and important, we need to have the courage to be ourselves, with the goods and the bads, because this is what makes us different from all the rest and therefore our value.

But we grew up in societies that constantly tell us the things we should change to fit!

Our weight, the color of our hair, the way we talk, we behave etc etc.

Why? Because is in the interests of some power to make us forget our value, our uniqueness, our differences.

In these days many  people struggle with being different, they avoid it, they cover it, but we need to remember that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and this allows us to all be who we are, nothing less and nothing more, simply who we are.

It took me long to take the courage to be myself, years of insecurities, but once I decided it a sense of empowerment grabbed me and it felt so good!

Try it, please allow it, promise today that you will be you, no matter what, feel the joy in the process.

And I promise you will succeed!

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