Because it involves discovering.


Among many other things…


I often say that we are so lucky, the ones who are able to travel because of pleasure, and not because of need.


There are millions and millions of people who have to travel because of despair, work or any other HAVE TO things.


When you are in a place where travelling comes from pleasure, passion and discovering, please remind yourself always, always how lucky you are.


And then, after, use travelling as a medicine.


Creative thinkers need to fill the eyes with beauty, visual and inspiration.


To get inspired means to be “in spirit”.


Humans need to discover, it is in our DNA, we are curious creatures by default, we feel so much joy and excitement when meeting new environments, when opening new worlds.


You just need to read the history, it is all there.


So travelling may be so useful when it comes to create.


In fact, in many creative sectors, before developing collections, designers travel to get inspiration, to investigate and explore trends and concepts.


But how to use travelling for YOU? Well, same as exploring for others, you definitely can do it for yourself.


Travelling may be key when you need to evaluate things and see all from a different perspective, it could be driven by introspection. Another may be when simply you want to learn and reach the NEW.


I any case, the benefits of changing the monotony of your every day life and taking the risk of the unknown, it pays you 10-fold.


As a freelance and entrepreneur, for me it is part of my self-development routine.


I NEED to travel and explore to have new ideas that will after fill and enrich my services and products, but most important, it will enrich me first, so after I can create and apply.


It works both as a personal as well as a professional medicine.

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