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  • Yesterday I had the opportunity to create content as a support for the employees of a luxury brand that, same as all the rest, is currently in lockdown.
    We discuss about uncertainty and how it is affecting all of us during this terrible period we are living …
    I thought to share some thoughts as well with you, my lovely community of FLW , I know this may be a concept that is triggering you as well.
    Before I went on the conference call, I checked what the Cambridge dictionary says about uncertainty : 
    “a situation in which something is not known, or something that is not known or certain”
    As you may notice, it does not say that much, still this concept remains meaningless, as a wide box where to fill our insecurities, problems, and fear of the unknown.
    Uncertainty is a constant in our life, my friend, something we always experience as not of us have figured out the future, for example, when we move to a different country, we feel uncertainty on how our life will be there, and so when we start a new relationship, job and so on.. What we have is just the NOW, same as Eckhart Tolle says, all we can do is to create dreams for the future, but we do not have control over the future, my friend, it’s impossible.
    There is a trick to shift uncertainty form something negative into something positive, and it is by adding “Excitement“ to it.
    The unknown can give endless opportunities that you have never experienced before, as a withe canvas where to create something new, unlimited possibilities.
    I am not super comfortable with flying , I do it often as I love to travel, but I do feel uncertainty of the flight, and in order to avoid fear controlling my mind, I shift this feeling of uncertainty or unsafely with excitement about all the wonderful things that can happen and I will experience during my trip.
    Times are not being easy at the moment, and we all know that the world as it is needs to change, rapidly … but there are two ways you can approach this, with a lack of mentality or an abundance mindset.
    The effort is the same, so my advice is that you see opportunities instead of problems, and excitement for the new we can create, instead of uncertainty for the unknown.
    Hope it helps, 
    Thank you Always, 
    Farah Liz 

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