I ‘ve been running my business since 2010…

During this period of time, there have been many experiences, some good, some bad, but for sure all useful.

I have grown and learnt so much from mistakes, this is where you learn, not through success for sure..

From all these learnings, one of the most valuable thing is the awareness that  success in business is made by 80% attitude and 20% skills.

Or as I like to formulate it:




Experience + intuition

What does this mean?  When it comes to important decisions, you need to hear that inner voice that tells you which is the right choice.

Remember always that the decision is yours. You may have mentors, coaches, managers or teams that suggest you how to proceed and it is necessary to have them , but when it comes to the final decision , that needs to be yours.

The choice is always yours. And for this, my suggestion is to always use your intuition, this is your internal GPS that will drive you always through a successful path.

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