My dear friends,


today this post is not about any tip or advice, directly, but to share with you an amazing event that ICAAD is organizing in London on December 6th 2018.


The event is a Mental Health Conference where we will be exploring: how can we best support creativity and mental health within the Fashion Industry.


As you know, and after the launch of my book “Fashion. Business. Spirituality: a call to the light workers of the fashion industry” I decided to participate and collaborate with people, companies and institutions that want to help the fashion industry evolve into a more healthier one.


I am thrilled and honoured to participate in the round table and panel of discussion of the event together with amazing professionals such as Lillie Naor, Anabel Maldonado and Fabian Hirose among other amazing professionals.


As I said many times, it is about time that we take action and discuss openly about all the issues that are affecting our industry. It is not about pointing the fingers but to take responsibility about the problematics that we are facing becuse if we do not become conscious and mindful about it and take action, then we become part of the problem as well.


In case you will be in London, I am sharing here the link to the event, I would love to meet you and see you there!


Thank you Icaad for the opportunity!


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