Today my friends, I would like to ask you to share with me your own personal definition of success.


What does professional success mean for you?


I’ve noticed as years pass by that it changes completely based on experience and age.


For example, when I was a junior designer in the fashion industry, success for me was to work as a senior designer for Dries Van Noten.


But then I decided that success was to open my consultancy business.


Today, after 10 years of having a business, professional success has become a wider concept that involves freedom of choice and financial stability.


Something that I have learned is that we tend to create a false illusion of success by following what society tells us success is, we make their own concept of success as ours instead of going within and understanding what is YOUR own personal definition of success.


So today I encourage you my friend to think about it and to decide what professional success means for you, focus on the big aspect of it, do not go for the details or how to achieve that, the universe will figure this out for you, believe me.


A lot of light and love from the pool on the amazing villa in Florence where today, a Wednesday morning, I am writing this post for you.


Yes my friend, success is possible for all of us and I wish it to you with all my heart.



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