We all know that fear blocks us from taking action.


90% of the times this is what happens.


Our brain is designed to protect us, so every time we want to go out of our comfort zone, fear appears as a reminder that what we don’t know, may hurt us.


It is like an alarm system.


What our brain does not say is what could go right…


So when we overcome our fears, when we face them, analyze them and then take action, well guess what happens?




As human beings we came to this planet to evolve and more important to expand.


Why? Well, simply: this is what the universe does, it constantly changes, evolves and of course expands.


And we are living creatures that form part of it.


I have tested myself, every time I have overcome my fears and taken action following my intuition, life has paid me back 10-fold.


Do not get me wrong, fear is useful, if you have fear of lions in the jungle, there is a reason why! But we do not live in the jungle, right? Or in caves, so we can acknowledge the difference between those decisions that are dangerous for us and the ones that simply we avoid because we feel “comfortable” with things the way they are.


But remember, that the only way to grow is by stretching yourself, and this means pass the fear set point and take action.


I ask you to try it, with simple and small things at first, taste it and feel it, and after you experience the result, after you find the MAGIC… you will never be the same.


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