And this is the big question…

In the last 2 years I’ve been facing many changes in my life, both from the personal as well as the professional side.

I’ve been also making adjustments and taking new risks  and new roads, but still deep inside I feel as if it is not enough.

I’ve been questioning  myself  for so long already, why I still work in the fashion industry.

The only answer I get is that I still love many sides of this industry, but definitely want to change  most of them as well.

Basically I want to evolve.

So how can you possibly do this in an industry that is using the same dynamics since the last 25 years? As well as the same people ?

My answer is by changing people’s mindset.

Yep, people is the key.

I often say, companies are made by people, not by robots, yet…

So if we evolve as humans, because of experience or age, whatever we do needs to evolve as well.

We are almost at the end of a year. New years are always a period of new resolutions, mine is to have the courage to dare and do new things, stop doing what I do that I don’t want to do anymore and make new exciting projects, completely out of the boxes, and out of the fashion status quo.

I truly hope not to be the only one, and strangely I have the feeling I won’t be alone in this 2017.

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