I had two business partners in my life.


In both cases the relationship was unbalanced and based on fear.


Fear of not having success, fear of wanting constantly money and focusing all on the ego.


In both cases it ended pretty bad, with lots of suffering for both parties.


Then life put me in the spiritual path, and I understood the real reason of all these painful experiences: growth.


I learnt about myself, my path on life and my true calling and it was then when my REAL business partner appeared: the Universe.


You can call it God, light, life, or Universe, whatever you believe in.


The best partner someone can have, the one that will never abuse you or steal you, will never take profit over you but instead choose you so to create together a business that will have a positive impact in the world. The one that has always your back no matter what.


As I often say, the best business is the one good for you, good for your client and good for the world.


And the Universe knows this well.


Today I am sharing my personal story so to help you to reflect on yours.


It does not matter if you are an employee or an employer, what business partner do you choose to have?


You may have already an amazing one, if so I encourage you both to allow a third one, the Universe, the infinite source, to partner with you so to be guided in the best decisions you can make for your business to help improve the world.


Steve Jobs used to meditate 20 minutes before making any business decision, and this is because he had clear who his first partner was, the Universe.


If you are in business reflect on this my friend and it will open to you an abundant world of opportunities.



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