And you have to say goodbye…

To friends, loved ones, places, habits and of course that “old you”.

We all know that life is moved by cycles. Things start and things finish.

People come and go.

It is part of the process.

It also happens to your body, every day, cells die and others are regenerated.

This is what we call the process of life.

But as humans we suffer when we let go things, people and habits, why?

Because we are animals of habits and we have this obsession to hold on to things. We need to have what we know and we often won’t leave our confort zone. Plus feelings are not aware of what the mind says, if it hurts it hurts.

But change is necessary, change is the thing that pushes us to grow. And we all came to this world to do this: grow.

I recently figured out that when passing through difficult times, the most difficult part of the process is to let go the “old you” because this means for sure changing the people that surround you, and the vision of life.

Suffering transforms you. Specially when suffering is related to loved ones.

And this is inevitable, and it will change you forever, and most likely there won’t be turning back.

In my case, I simply can’t stand  superficiality anymore, and this includes superficial people as well of course.

I give everyday the 150% of me to everyone and everything I do and I expect nothing less than this, not anymore.

My advice: all you can do is to embrace the “new you” and believe with all your heart that there is a meaning for all the changes, and of course would be for a better.

Endings are always the beginning of something else.

Let’s remember it, always .

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