I was reading this week an article that discusses this, the need of change that as humans we often have.

It’s been said that we are animals of habits, and yes this is true as well so probably this is the reason why we procrastinate when it comes to take action and change?

Fact is that specially when it comes to professional issues, we have the urgency of change after years of doing the same job, routine or working for the same company.

This is way more present in some generations than others of course, but specially in young managers change thrives them!

I’ve been experiencing this myself lately, I had the urgency last year to press the reset button and change direction of my business into new adventures that resonates more with who I am today. I reflect a lot about this and same as you change and evolve as a person, your professional career needs to move accordingly.

Specially if you are a freelance or an entrepreneur, your business is an extension of yourself, and therefore if you evolve, your business has to evolve as well.

We often avoid listening to that inner voice that pushes us to explore different paths that are more aligned with what we really are and have become, instead we keep for years and years in projects, companies and places that do not fulfill us anymore, and why we do this to ourselves? Because of fear, the fear of the unknown.

My friends, worse than fear is to live unhappy, I often use this trick, when I NEED to make changes because time is up and there is no sense for me to stay in a project or company and the fear of jumping without a net arises, I picture myself doing something that no longer makes me happy for a year. The sense of sadness and unhappiness is way stronger than my fear of not seeing clear the new path. It takes a lot of trust of course, but it pays ten-fold.

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