If you choose the career of being in service to others, then you understand what I am talking about, right my friend?


Sometimes it is frustrating, sometimes you feel even angry with yourself.


When for you it’s simply so natural to help others achieve their goals, succeed, evolve, find balance and happiness… but you often struggle to help yourself…


When I reached my mid 30’s I started teaching at fashion schools by case, I was offered to teach in a course for creating accessories collections, and then all became clear to me.


I knew I was “designed” to teach, to mentor and to guide.


I simply love it, it brings so much joy to my heart to help my students, my clients and the companies or institutions I collaborate with to grow.


As a mentor specialized in professional and entrepreneurship mentoring I often work on incubation and acceleration programs, and one of the most beautiful things I am so grateful for is that the success of my clients will bring success to the world as well.


But if from one side, I may say I have a successful career, and achieve great goals for both my clients and directly or indirectly for myself, not often this is the same when it comes to the personal aspects of my life.


As per every other human being I had to face loss, heartbreak, loneliness among others and as much as I can bring healing to others, it is so hard for me to bring healing to myself.


In all these situations, spirituality has always been a great support, that keeps me grounded and balanced and rooted when the storms of life come. But I always found so curious these “two faces of the coin”, being  able to help others avoid struggles of life, and not being able to help myself to do the same.


Last week I had a call with one of my best friends, she has been a guide to me, a mentor for more than 20 years, and she mentioned: “Farah, this is how it is supposed to be, you learn how to help others thanks to the struggles you had to face in life… so by overcoming these struggles you can show the way to others… you are leading, and to lead is often lonely… but this is the path you chose”. After talking to her all became clear, this is the path I chose.


We are all teachers in this world, some of us choose to teach others professionaly and some personally, some choose to be leaders in some areas of our life and some choose to be lead by others. It is always a giving and receiving process, and it is what makes us evolve.


What my friend told me gave me clarity in one thing, I am always  so focused on helping others that I do not allow myself to ask for help when I need it, and as I am human, I need help sometimes like everyone else.


So today, once more, I am so grateful for the awareness and the clarity this message gave me and as Gabby Bernstein says “the Universe has your back”, when you need an answer it will always come to you,  most of the time, in the form of a friend or a loved one, if you allow yourself to ask for help”…



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