Have you noticed this? That the more we obsess with things, the more they wait to come?


This is because of the “wanting and needing” process.


When we obsess or  think we need and desperate want something, we are having all those thoughts coming from fear feelings.


Fear is by far one of the most strong feelings that pushes things away.


Do not get me wrong, to desire things is ok. To visualize them as well. But after you do that, you have to simply let go the when’s and the how’s…


Leave that to the universe and focus on being in a state of receiving, that’s all.


And things will come when they have to and when you allow them.


I know it is hard. As humans we want things to happen the minute we desire them, and we struggle when we have to wait. Patience is key.


Lately I’ve experienced this, I was expecting and needing things to happen and months were passing by, just the moment I surrendered to the situation and decided to let it go, all appeared to me, as per magic.


Susan Ferraro, a great coach I follow, says: Life is not happening To you or for you, life is happening FROM you.


Tonight I want to share this with you, hope it will be helpful.

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