And as a result you feel overwhelmed…

I am afraid this is a common practice when you are a freelance or an entrepreneur.

To put too much on your plate.

But not only.

We all tend to put too much weight on our shoulders.

In our career but also in our personal life.

And if you are a woman, who uses to manage “multitasking” as a pro, then the weight  increases  X 100!

You push yourself too much until you arrive to that point where you collapse.

And this is not good.

If you are someone that needs to be stimulated constantly you will tend to do this.

Dealing with 10 projects at the same time plus saying yes to all the requests of family and friends.

And you know what happens when you are doing this? You are saying no to yourself.

Yes, exactly, you are simply not considering yourself, but others: projects and people.

I’ve learnt how important it is to balance things.

I was almost all my life a YES person.

And because of this I almost pushed myself into burnout.

Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with balancing things, many times.

Still dealing with too much stuff to deal with at the same time, because of my business.

But now at least I am aware of this behaviour and when you have awareness you can change things.

You know what they say: “How to eat an elephant? One bite at the time”.

Patience, is key, specially as an entrepreneur.

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