The picture of this post is the previous head shot of the author’s picture of my book.


You can tell how nervous I was…


I’ve been reflecting on this for long time…


Since I decided to write the book, I realize that there will be a point where I had to put myself out there so to reach the community I want to support and help.


I started this path by chance, I never planned to write a book, I never planned to teach and mentor, I studied to become a fashion designer, so it was far away my plans what I found myself doing today with passion and love…


But as a friend of mine says, “life is more fantastic than a movie” and yes, it is, my friends. If we look back and see how the experiences, the goods and bads, as well as our choices and the people we encounter had put us in the path we are walking today, it will amaze us!


Just recently I’ve realized that my true calling in life is to teach. To mentor, to guide.


I do this in everything related to my  business, with companies and clients, at schools and institutions and with all the material I share and develop for the community of Fashion Light Workers I am building to help improve our fashion industry.


And I LOVE every aspect of it and every moment.


But what I was not prepared to, was the communication part of it. I was prepared to lead, yes, to drive, yes, and to stand up for what I believe, but I was not prepared to put myself out there on the media so to reach as many people as possible that need my support and want to join the movement.


So today I am sharing with you a secret, that I’ve been struggling, and I must say, a lot with this, with every interview, picture, video or event I had to speak at. I literally didn’t know how to manage hearing my voice, seeing my picture and acknowledge the woman that I was reflecting to others.


Today I realize that this is something many of us that choose the path of mentoring, or public speaking as a tool to help others, are struggling with. Specially us women, where society constantly “impose“ you how to look, talk, weight and behave.


So today I am writing this post to share with the ones that may need it, my secret. The magical tool I am using to avoid the struggle and the blocks of becoming a sort of “public persona” so to continue creating the movement and the projects I am building to help and improve the industry I am in.




Show yourself as YOU ARE. Period.


Do not create a costume, a fake character or something that you are not.


Vulnerability is the key.


If you do not usually use make up, well do not use it, period. If you don’t usually wear high heels, well, do not use them, if you do not speak  certain way or walk in a certain way, do not do it! Simply be who you are, in a honest and open heart way.


For example, I realize that video is a great tool for me to reach the people that I want to support and help, what I call my community of Fashion Light Workers, so when I do my videos I speak as if I was doing a Face Time with a friend! When I feel the urge to give a message I simply take the phone and tape it!  It could be on the street, at home with my dog or when I am travelling for work!


Today my friends, I thought to share this information with you, because same as I have been doing it so far, I choose to write every struggle I am finding in the way as I know many people out there are facing similar situations, and if I was able to made it, so you can!


This post is larger that the average, but I felt it had to be, so to arrive with the right meaning and the right words, hopefully to you, the one that is facing similar situations.


Put yourself out there, as YOU ARE, it will benefit many others.


Thank you,




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