I recently had the opportunity to give a lecture about money management and abundance in a wonderful retreat for creative professionals.


I’ve noticed once more, that creative people struggle to ask money for their products or services, and the ones that are able to ask for it most of the times underprice what they have to offer.


But why is this? Why as creative thinkers and professionals we often feel bad to ask money as an exchange for what we have to offer?


Simple my friends, because of guilt.


Yes, guilt.


When we are able to work on what we consider our passion, our purpose in life, internally a part of us feels that this should be already the reward.


There is a beautiful exchange that comes from love, when we see that another person wants what we have created, and for most of us, this is already enough.


But we forget something crucial, that we live in a 3D material world, where we need to feed ourselves, dress ourselves and take care of ourselves and our families and for this, we need money.


In an ideal world, just the exchange of creative value will be enough but someone long time ago created money as a tool to exchange value.


Let me tell you this my friend, the money you have is the money YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO HAVE.


Yes, I know, it may sound brutal in this moment, but this is how it works.


So the reason that lies beneath the fact that you are not being paid enough money for your services and products is because you feel guilty to ask for that money, the one you should deserve, and you know why? Because you feel you don’t deserve it.  Period.


When we are in the creative flow, we often don’t see clearly the enormous amount of value we are giving with our creation, so for this, in order to gain clarity and after being able to ask the money you deserve for it, I recommend you to do this exercise:


Write a list of all the problems you are solving to your client or customer with your product and or service.


If you are solving more than one, then you should definitively ask the money you deserve my friend.


Remember that guilt comes from fear, and creation from love, so if you are giving out of love, then do not be afraid to ask for love back, in the form of abundance, wealth or money, however you wish to call it.



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