Most freelancers or business owners struggle to take breaks or holidays because of their sense of  “dovere”!

But truth is that taking breaks and holidays every now and then is crucial and super important for your business.

Here I want to share with you some reasons why:

_It prevents you from Burn-Out

We often ask so much to our brain and body and because of the adrenaline when working on projects you do not realize how much tension you have accumulated until you stop, or in some cases, worst, until your body or mind make you stop…. I have experienced this myself, last year it happened to me to be ill at least 3-4 times, during a whole week , with fever in bed.

Now, as a freelance or business owner, if you don’t work you simply don’t get paid, right? So my suggestion is to schedule when you will rest by taking breaks and holidays in order to avoid having to take them forcedly!

_When you rest, is when you get the best ideas!

How many times have you heard about people writing the perfect song under the shower? Well, this happens as well in business. When you are resting your subconscious mind is still working but without pressure, so you are allowing it to build the best ideas!

Also when you allow yourself to see and experience different things not related to work directly , is when you get inspired and you connect with your creativity.

A friend of mine once told me, “Farah, successful people often go on vacation as this is the way they get rich and successful!”

_You need to work to have a living, not living for work

If you just work….You are losing so much in life…. To be a workaholic is not something positive. I know this from experience, I passed through that, and believe me, one day you will wake up knowing that you literally gave your best time and years to a company, client or system and for what?

I always say that the only thing that we lose and do not ever have back is time. Our time and our living is so precious so it is important to be conscious of that and use it wisely. It’s our real gold.

In my last 2 years of career I have focused on developing what I call “Lifestyle Business”, a business that is based on working for passion, a business that gives me freedom to build the life that I want to have, personally and professionally. It is not easy, not always, but believe me, it is possible to achieve it, so I encourage you to do so.

Hope you all enjoy this time of rest and holidays , remember , your business will grow from it!

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