Easy, because we do not want to…


Letting go of things and people that do not serve us anymore, is as simple as deciding you do not want those things in your life.


But mean it!


But we tend to hold on things, in any case… but why? Are we crazy?


There may be many factors, as for example: you know that person or situation you are holding to, and you are afraid of trying something new.


Another aspect is if you are a woman. Us women, we tend to hold on things, because that is our nature. We are biologically designed for it. Our goal is to conserve things, so we can create from those.


The truth is my friends, that the more you hold on things, the more  those people, situations or things escape away from you.


It is by letting go, and avoiding the control of having them that you really have the control.


I know it is so difficult, I know because it is human.


Oh! It tastes so good  to feel a victim and wondering why “I can’t be with that person or I can’t have that” but by putting yourself in that position you are putting yourself  on hold as well.


And this is one of the worst things you can do to yourself, because you are preventing yourself to evolve, to grow, to shine.


I am writing this post not just to hopefully help you with my thoughts,  but also to help myself.  As I realized I’ve been holding for too long to unhealthy relationships, thoughts and situations, just because it feels comfortable, just because of all the ego-stories I’ve been saying to myself… I feel the need today to stop this circle, and therefore I am writing it, speaking it out loud and sharing it with you.


Let’s help each other on this.


Let’s let go of what does not serve us anymore.


If you do it, I’ll do it!

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