Same as procrastination is fear, comparison comes from fear as well.


Not directly but indirectly as it comes from the deep inner need of external validation.


I was reflecting on this the other day, why we constantly compare to others, it is true that we are social animals and same as we are, we need to mirror ourselves so to grow and evolve, saying this, the need to compare ourselves is a different thing.


By comparing ourselves to others we judge: others and ourselves.


And it is through this nonsense of judgement that we get lost, we forget ourselves and by default we lose balance.


To me, every time I fail into the trap of comparison I lose center, I disconnect from myself and I start fearing that I am not good enough.


But specially now that I’ve started this path of public speaking as a vehicle to share my message with my industry, sometimes and mostly because of social media platforms I compare myself  to others, it is inevitable, and as a woman, comparison goes beyond “what I say”, it also goes to “how I say it or how I look”…


But as per everyting in my life, spirituality and its practice helps me to be grounded, to remember who I am, and that as everyone else in this world I am unique and no-one can be me same as I can not be anybody else.


It is so simple to get lost or out of track, and it takes often so much effort to be aligned, that I’ve learnt it is also important to embrace those shadows of ourselves, if we tend to judge, to compare or to procrastinate, we all know that comes from fear, and fear is our ego, which again, is part of ourselves.


To embrace our ego, not to fight it, but to know it is part of us, will lead us to understand us more as a whole, and to love ourselves more, and it is through being as much as possible into a state of love that we evolve and are in alignment with life and the universe.


This in the end is what we actually came here to do, evolve and be aligned through love.


So next time you feel the need to compare yourself, please reflect on this, do not fight it, simply embrace it and then go back to your natural state of being. Which is love.


It will be beneficial to you and others, my friend.



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