Because we compare with them and we fail in the illusion trap of thinking that they are better than us.


There is no such thing as someone better than you, this is simply a limiting believe society sold us long time ago and we bought it!


No one is better or worse than you, they are simply different.


We are all unique and different.


A person you obsess with and think is unreachable is a person like you.


He or she may be good in some things and suck in others, such as you.


We all have strengths and weaknesses.


But why sometimes do we have the need to elevate others and feel unworthy close to them?


The answer is your ego.


What EGO really means is fear.


For this reason sometimes you take to extremes yourself into the  feeling you are better or into the feeling that you are not enough.


In both cases, it is you ego mind playing tricks on you.


But we need to be aware of this and avoid it.


It does not matter if this happens in a working environment or in your personal life. In both cases, your NOT being yourself will lead into frustration.


If you put others on a pedestal because you feel they are better, unreachable and gods or godnesses what you are doing is disempowering yourself. You become someone you are not.


The key is to always know who you are, in the good and in the bad, and to know what you want. These two things may sound simple but they are not.


Once you achieve them you will feel so strong that no other will make you ever feel better or worse, and what is most important you will finally understand that we are all in this same place called “life” for the same reason, with the same final purpose and with the same power. How we use this power depends on how we see ourselves.


As I always say, we are all workers here, and there is just one boss above all us.

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