Because we feel guilty. And we feel guilty because we feel unworthy, and we feel unworthy because we do not love ourselves. Simple as this.

The base of all is the lack of self love.

We grow up in society thinking we NEED some external approval  to complete us.

For a woman to have success takes a lot of determination, to fight with society, to fight with the patriarchal system and to fight with herself: insecurities and lack of self love.

For all these reasons we tend to push success away.

We allow others to hold us back, we give permission to others to say, think and do.

But we do not give permission to us for the same.

I’ve been experiencing this, while my business is growing and bigger projects are on the way, I am self-sabotaging myself by not allowing to fully succeed.

I pay attention to others’ opinions, and not what I BELIEVE about myself.

I am aware that I am leading  the projects and organizations I am currently involved and that without my contribution the situation will not evolve, and yet I find often myself allowing  FEW people to make me believe I am not relevant, but yet they try to constantly use and be part of what I am creating.

Yesterday a friend mentioned me that I am a natural connector, and because of this I am able to help projects and others to create, grow and evolve.

Now I realize that for many years I didn’t allow to recognize this to myself and therefore didn’t  give  the space my role has in all these situations that I help to create, heal and succeed.

I now realize that the awareness of “owning” who you are and what  you give to the world is crucial, for years society told us that being bold is ego-driven, but this is not true, ladies, being bold is our true nature, PLAYING small is ego-driven.

The other day, almost joking I said to a friend, it must be all EVA’s fault when she decided to eat the apple. It was a joke of course, but thinking about it better, it was more than that.

As far as history tells us, Eva was expelled from Heaven because she ate the apple and give it to Adam to eat it as well. And the apple was the “knowledge and consciousness” and she was pushed away just because she thought she had the “right to know”.

This continues to happen nowadays. Still today if a female entrepreneur, business woman or manager wishes to succeed, there is a fearful group of people, mostly men but also and what it is worst, brainwashed women, that tries to push you down.

It is our responsibility to stop giving our power to these people, and to allow us to be bold, present and successful, because our success will always open doors and systems and by this, it will help to improve the world as well.

And is it what we all came into this world for?

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