And it heals you…


I’ve started to write by chance,  the motivation was to share my thoughts and insights of the fashion industry with others.


I really trully wanted to help as many people as possible to deal and survive an industry that I know so well.


But during the process something happened.


It all evolved.


I found myself writing more about personal and self development than fashion itself.


Which gave me a great understanding that before fashion or methodology what comes first is the knowledge for the self.


How we feel, what we want, how we approach things as humans, indipendently of the job we do.


This process has given me so much, an incredible mental clarity of what I want to do with my life and my business as well a show I want to serve others.


And all began by chance, just by writing a blog.


And it became my weekly ritual, my therapist.


When you put your ideas on paper, you are clarifying goals, and cleaning mental fog.


When you write to help others, then this becomes a mission and it gives you back 10 –fold of what you share.


I am writing this post today to encourage you to write.


Try this amazing experience.


You don’t have to be a writer, you don’t have to be an author, you just have to find a format or support where to write that gives you the possibility to share who you are as well as your offer and helpful vision of life to others.


Make sure you contribute to others as well as to the world.


Be you when you write, this is by far the best gift you can give to others.


Writing may become your best psychoanalyst friend.




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