Either your services or products.


And it is ok…


When you have your own business, independently if you sell products or services, you think/wish that your target is the world… wrong!


Your target is and should be the people you are solving a problem for.


And it is ok if it is a niche.


As a matter of fact, nowadays, successful brands are seeking more and more a tribe or a community to build, not random high quantities of people.


If you have 100 followers for your brand or business and they have built a tribe with you that believes in your mission, vision and values, that is all you need.


That group of people will do everything for your brand.


They have been built basing on trust.


It is ok to receive negative feedbacks or to be ignored from people or potential customers you thought were YOUR people. It is through the feedback that you realize they were not, and that your business is not for everyone but for selected ones.


I recently launched my products on https://www.etsy.com/shop/farahlizpallaro


I was sure to have understood my target, that it was my students for all the years of teaching in different fashion schools, but I was so surprised to see that most of my sales came from professionals from the fashion industry, people with years of experience that were interested in updating their professional profile.


So I understood the direction I should take as well as the new products I will launch.


I understood therefore that my business was not for everyone but for the ones that need most my help to solve their problem.


Again, same as in life, you are not for everyone, so your business as well.


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