I read once that we have the body we need to surf this life.


The body we were born with is the perfect tool for all the people and situations we meet.


But we often treat ourselves so bad, we often compare our figure and silhouette with others, and we want to copy them.


In other words, we want to change our natural form.


And this is so wrong.


Don’t get me wrong, to evolve and improve ourselves to a healthier version is ok.


To feel frustrated and disgusted and desperately try to cancel who we are, not!


It took me years to appreciate the body that I have.


Years to see in all those forms and shapes my genetical baggage, my ancestors, my beauty and learn to love it.


Still now, it is an everyday task for me.


But at least I learnt to appreciate and acknowledge that every aspect of it has a meaning, and that every bold curve is meant for a reason.


Today I am writing to all my female friends.


We always tend to be so harsh on ourselves.


Society has taught us this way, I work in fashion, an industry that contributes a lot in this distorted vision of ourselves.


But I think it is time to look all in a different perspective.


If you are not ready yet to feel proud of the beautifully “package” you were born with, please at least have the fully conviction that every right or wrong part is perfectly designed to help you overcome  or flow the phases of your lifetime.


It’s  time to start embracing  our beautiful bodies.

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